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1st floor of main hotel Lobby

Guests are greeted by Japanese-style lobby which is spacious enough even for group tourists.
Big Bath

1st floor of main hotel
Bath No.1 (Big Bath)

Relax and heal the fatigue by soaking in a bathtub.
Hours of operation
16:00-24:00 6:00-9:00 (morning)
Bath exclusively for Women

1st floor of main hotel
Bath No.2 (Bath exclusively for Women)

Take time to relax your mind.
Hours of operation
16:00-24:00 6:00-9:00 (morning)
Family Bath

1st floor of hotel annex
Bath No.3 (Family Bath)

Equipped with a baby bed
Enjoy bath time with your family.
Hours of operation
※By appointment only
※You can charter a family bath for 1 hour.
Large-sized hall

2nd floor of main hotel
Large-sized hall 'GENJI'

The capacity is 120 guests.
Equipped with a stage available for performing Japanese entertainment like Kyo-mai dance and artistic accomplishments. (Originating in Kyoto, kyo-mai dance is an elegant and dazzling dance performed by maiko dancers in beautifully ornate dress.)
Floor plans
100 tatami mats room
120 guests
Medium-sized hall

1st floor of main hotel
Medium-sized hall 'WAKAMURASAKI'

Enjoy Kyoto cuisine stretching your legs into Horigotatsu in spacious Japanese-style room. (In Horigotatsu, there is sunken area beneath the dining table for stretching your legs.)
Floor plans
36 tatami mats room (with Horigotatsu-style tables)
Japanese garden

1st floor of main hotel
Japanese garden

You are filled with peaceful feelings in Japanese garden leading you to a tea room, seeing Nishikigoi (Japanese Koi) swim through the waters of a garden pond. Experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony for your memoires in typical Japanese traditional inn.

Tea Room 'JUAN'

The tea room is named 'JUAN ' by Tachu-jukouinn of Daitokuji. Daitokuji is the Sanzens' family temple for generations. Tea ceremony is held on your request.
Room charge per room
4,000JPY (9:00-12:00)
5,000JPY (13:00-17:00)
8,500JPY (all day)

Room Reservations/ Tel No. 81+75-371-5252 (7:00-24:00)

Room Reservations
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